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My success story at BNI is mostly a personal success story. I've been in BNI since 2016, then I had lost my dad 5 years ago and started to manage Gesca, the company he founded in 1972!

Joining BNI was the greatest gift I could give to my SELF-ESTEEM. I joined thanks to Michela Galante, then a "simple" member of a Chapter, today Executive Director of a Region! And for that I will always be grateful to him.

In these 7 years it has been a succession of acquaintances and relationships, new consultants/partners and new clients, I have always found the right person at the right time. I felt my greatest satisfaction and I feel it when I "bring in" BNI the people who are ready for BNI and I manage to give them the opportunity they deserve... how to say that stroke of luck that sometimes it takes

“Luck is that moment when preparation meets opportunity”… there is no better phrase that can express what it means to join BNI.

Francesca Santori

Imprenditrice – Gesca srl Membro BNI Imperatori


For me, BNI has been and still is a great training ground for life. I learned how to speak in public, how to overcome my fears, how to quickly and concisely introduce myself to a potential client. But above all to network, to help others by donating my time and skills.

Not only that, I met many new colleagues who in many cases have also turned into friendships. BNI is not just business: it's relationships, it's growth, it's a stimulus to improve as people and as entrepreneurs.

I will always be grateful to whoever invited me to attend a meeting 5 years ago without really knowing what to expect, because he contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Silvia Cartotto

Copywriter & Social Media ManagerMembro BNI Biella


I am a civil lawyer. BNI made me realize the importance of specializing in a specific subject and not being a generalist advocate. So I decided to specialize in family law, which has become my core business. The memory hook I created in BNI is also the title of my first book (“I separate but I don't break”). Thanks to BNI I have received referrals and developed partnerships with other professionals of great value and ability, who have also become new friends.

BNI is an opportunity for both personal and professional growth. I improved my public speaking skills, relating to professionals with different skills than mine and refined my leadership skills. I understood the importance of working in a team and was able to fulfill my vocation of helping others in their personal and professional growth. For this reason, I actively collaborate in the growth of my Chapter, carrying out the roles of President, Formation Manager and now that of Mentoring Coordinator. This year I also played the role of Ambassador helping a Director friend of mine to form a new Chapter of which I am now a part.

BNI has given me the opportunity to meet many professionals from other Chapters as well and to make my professional activity known. I met the members of a Web Agency, which has restyled my professional website and is taking care of my communication through social media. I have developed profitable professional partnerships.

Giorgio Carrara

Avvocato Membro BNI Centoventuno


Franchisee Testimonials


In BNI dal 2008

In 2008 when I enrolled in BNI with my graphologist activity in BNI Italy there were only 200 members, immediately after the position of secretary treasurer was proposed to me for my interpersonal skills of take care of a Chapter and again just after to open one and develop the Milano Sud Est Region in Milan.

In 2009 a colleague proposed to me to open a Chapter in Rome, still unexplored territory and in February 2010, we started the first chapter of Rome: BNI Prati. Today the best chapter of the Capital. What happened next is the consequence of a strong passion to help others. I immediately embodied with BNI method: transfer knowledge and help each other to improve everyone's business through a structured word of mouth. Everything was already in my ropes.

Becoming a Franchisee was a natural consequence of the commitment made over the years of constancy, passion, dedication.

The satisfaction is to create and spread culture in BNI and to be recognized as a point of reference for the personal and professional growth of entrepreneurs, professionals and craftsmen. I am every day involved in the personal lives of chapter members: being helpful is my greatest recognition.

I could compare myself to the HR manager of a large company. Coordinating about 800 people, the economic recognition is certainly relevant, but it is not the leverage or the premium that brings me to Milan to Rome and back, every week.

Bni is a method for applying referral marketing - word of mouth - to your business.

Thanks to BNI, spontaneous word of mouth becomes method and culture in a community, a large family of professionals and entrepreneurs.

"Relationships are our greatest wealth" is the value of BNI.

In this way we give back to the territory what we receive thanks to the strength of the network of our Region. This get so much from BNI there it allows you to be able to give back also thanks to the contacts, the strong relationships established and the passion with whom we work.

We are a large team of 22 persons in Milan and 23 in Rome but constantly increasing thanks to attractiveness of our way of working and of how we are dedicated to people.

Sabina Vaccari

Executive Director BNI Milano Sud Est Roma Nord Ovest


After the excellent experience as a chapter member in my city and as Director consultant, having launched some chapters, I found it natural to evolve my commitment by developing a Region as Franchisee BNI to bring the value of what we do and the pleasure to as many people as possible to stand in a BNI chapter.

The advantages in terms of personal and professional development are considerable, both in terms of human growth and professional skills, having the opportunity to create and structure one's own business. From an economic point of view, the activity in BNI brings an interesting and progressive increase in economic returns.

The entrepreneur from Veneto is known for being a hard worker but also a loner. The advantage for those who join our chapters is having a team of trusted entrepreneurs and professionals around them with whom to grow both in business and personally.

Nicola Morocutti

Executive Director BNI Treviso-Belluno


I chose to become a BNI Franchisee to ensure that other people could benefit from the enormous advantages that I have had as a professional by being part of a reality that promotes an ethical and collaborative business.

The development of BNI in the area represents the opportunity to always have new qualified contacts through which to grow the Chapters and one's personal business.

From an economic point of view, the business model is scalable and performing as the relationship between time spent and economic result is to the advantage of the franchisee.

It is interesting for at least two other reasons: a low initial investment compared to other franchises and because the structure and organization grow through specific dedicated figures such as Area Director and Assistant Director.

Personal development is by definition infinite and in BNI you have the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills related to the creation, support and growth of both individual Chapters and the coordination of multiple Chapters and the team of people who lead them.

All this through training at various levels relying on the shared experience of BNI in the world for over 38 years, both of a technical nature concerning referential marketing and through important tools for personal growth.

Being part of the largest referral exchange organization in the world means being able to evolve as an individual, as a professional and an entrepreneur being able to develop personal skills in referral marketing consequently increasing quality business and being able to do so in an empowering environment where the values ​​of a collaborative economy.

The daily work alongside people, the commitment, determination and passion make this experience unique in the world.

“If you don't do it, you don't know®” Andrea Borghi

Andrea Borghi

Executive Director BNI Torino Sud Ovest


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